Scallion Razor Clams

Scallion Razor Clams

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Razor razor is a common small seafood with tender and fresh meat and unique flavor. The method of using scallion oil is simple and can keep the savory taste of razor razor as much as possible.


Scallion Razor Clams

1. Soak the razor clams in salt water and spit away the sand

Scallion Razor Clams recipe

2. Put water in the pot, add appropriate amount of cooking wine and ginger slices to boil water, rinse the clean razor clams in the pot, cook for about 1 minute, and open the razor clam shells.

Scallion Razor Clams recipe

3. Take out the cold water and remove the black skirt from the edge of the shell

Scallion Razor Clams recipe

4. Rinse it well, then put it on the plate as you like,

Scallion Razor Clams recipe

5. Put water in the steamer and bring it to a boil, put the razor clams in the pot and steam for about three to four minutes.

Scallion Razor Clams recipe

6. Prepare minced garlic and chopped green onion

Scallion Razor Clams recipe

7. Sprinkle the minced garlic and chopped green onion evenly on the razor clam meat, and evenly drizzle some steamed fish soy sauce

Scallion Razor Clams recipe

8. Heat the oil in the pan, and evenly pour the hot oil on the plate of razor clams, just after the croak

Scallion Razor Clams recipe


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