Seafood Winter Melon Soup

Seafood Winter Melon Soup

by The kitchen of emblica honey

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The soup is milky white and delicious. The whole family loves to drink it. The child drank one bowl after another and said another bowl. The husband said that drinking this soup three times a day won't make people tired. It is seafood and winter melon soup.
The ingredients are mixed randomly, with more or less, and the soup is very delicious.
Ingredients: appropriate amount of clams, appropriate amount of prawns, appropriate amount of razor clams, appropriate amount of wax gourd

Ingredients: appropriate amount of ginger, appropriate amount of green onion, appropriate amount of white pepper, appropriate amount of soybean oil, appropriate amount of refined salt


Seafood Winter Melon Soup

1. Flower clams can be fried, made into soup, and grilled. When you buy them, you can spit them in a certain proportion of salt water. It is generally 5% salt mixed with cold boiled water.

Seafood Winter Melon Soup recipe

2. This is also a clam. Get ready.

Seafood Winter Melon Soup recipe

3. Clam, get ready. Rinse well.

Seafood Winter Melon Soup recipe

4. The prawns and Roche prawns can be directly put into the pot, and the prawns are removed from the prawn line, and the back or the tail is pulled out.

Seafood Winter Melon Soup recipe

5. Cut winter melon into small pieces.

Seafood Winter Melon Soup recipe

6. Prepare the ginger onions.

Seafood Winter Melon Soup recipe

7. Add ginger and shallots to the pot and boil water. A little oil. Add winter melon and cook until ripe.

Seafood Winter Melon Soup recipe

8. Add clams, clams, and prawns to Yijing.

Seafood Winter Melon Soup recipe

9. When the shellfish are opened and the prawns turn red, add salt and pepper to taste.

Seafood Winter Melon Soup recipe

10. Delicious.

Seafood Winter Melon Soup recipe


If you mind that the shellfish spit is not perfect, you can blanch it all before making the soup. I'm lazy, haha. It is also possible to put it directly in the pot


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