Razor Fish recipes

Seafood Hotpot

Thick Soup Treasure, Water, Chives

Holy Son Winter Melon Soup

Razor Fish, Winter Melon, Shimizu

Bamboo Shoot and Dried Vegetable Clam Soup

Razor Fish, Bamboo Shoots And Dried Vegetables, Cooking Wine

Seafood Winter Melon Soup

Clams, Razor Fish, Prawns

Razor Razor Dipped in Spicy Soup

Razor Fish, Hot Sauce, Shimizu

Steamed Two-color Razor Clams

Razor Fish, Oil, Rice Wine

Assorted Fried Fresh Shells

Razor Fish, Clams, Sea Clam

Seafood Chowder Soup

Razor Fish, Shrimp, Scallop Meat

Asparagus Clam

Razor Fish, Asparagus (stout), Salt

Milky Seafood Soup

Sixtieth, Good Serving Western Fun Milk Stew, Mussels

Razor Clam Meat Stewed Egg

Razor Fish, Egg, Ginger Oil Salt Cooking Wine

Spicy Fried Razor Clam

Razor Fish, Green Pepper, Salt

Spicy Razor Razor Vermicelli

Razor Fish, Rice Noodles, Olive Oil

Scallion Razor Clams

Razor Fish, Cooking Wine, Ginger