Scrambled Eggs with Garlic

Scrambled Eggs with Garlic

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Scrambled eggs with garlic yellow is a very homely dish. It is not only nutritious, easy to operate, but also delicious.


Scrambled Eggs with Garlic

1. Clean the garlic and eggs

Scrambled Eggs with Garlic recipe

2. Remove the head and root of the garlic yellow a bit, and cut into pieces about 3 cm long

Scrambled Eggs with Garlic recipe

3. Beat the eggs with a little salt

Scrambled Eggs with Garlic recipe

4. Put the oil in the pan and fry the eggs for later use (for those who like to eat tender eggs, they can be fried until they are half cooked. The Momo family likes to eat older eggs so they will be fried for a long time)

Scrambled Eggs with Garlic recipe

5. In a separate pot, fry the garlic yellow after the oil is hot, and season with salt

Scrambled Eggs with Garlic recipe

6. Mix the scrambled eggs in the garlic, and stir-fry them twice to get out of the pan (the salt was spared when the eggs were broken, so there is no need to put them here)

Scrambled Eggs with Garlic recipe


The yellow garlic needs to be cleaned one by one. It is best to cut off a small section of the root. Although it is a little waste, it will not be so troublesome to clean up the dirt. After the garlic is washed, the water must be controlled dry.


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