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Home Cooking

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The first time I saw this dish was in Teacher Luo’s recipe. I saw the picture and I liked it. A friend went to the restaurant a few days ago and just ordered this dish to try it. The result was disappointing. It was very different from what I had imagined. Appropriate side dishes, whether there is any flavor, if you can select the worst flavor, it must be on the list. Today, I have time to make it by myself. Use olive oil. This kind of lighter dish can be more effective. From then on, this dish will become my new favorite.


Home Cooking

1. All meat dishes and vegetables are shredded and set aside.

Home Cooking recipe

2. Put half of the egg white on the shredded pork, add an appropriate amount of starch to sizing, the missed egg white in the picture is too much, but it is fortunate that it does not affect the effect. Half is enough.

Home Cooking recipe

3. Boil water, add all the ingredients except the shredded pork to water for later use. It doesn't take too long.

Home Cooking recipe

4. Prepare shallots and garlic. Shred green onions. Garlic cut into large slices

Home Cooking recipe

5. Pour olive oil into the pot. Pour in the shredded pork oil, put it in 30-40% heat, and break it up with chopsticks.

Home Cooking recipe

6. Serve it out for use, it's very tender!

Home Cooking recipe

7. Mix with a bowl of juice, starch, oyster sauce, sugar, and salt, and stir well. In another pot, sauté the shallots and garlic.

Home Cooking recipe

8. Put all the ingredients in the pot and stir-fry on high heat

Home Cooking recipe

9. Pour the juice into the bowl evenly in portions, then quickly stir-fry evenly, and you can get out of the pan. Stir fry!

Home Cooking recipe

10. The taste is very good.

Home Cooking recipe


The proportion of ingredients can be adjusted to be less strict. Some ingredients that I eat at home are not good enough. For example, I didn't buy jellyfish, so I didn't put it this time. Control the moisture of the over-watered vegetables!


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