Self-heating Lazy Hot Pot

Self-heating Lazy Hot Pot

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Self-heating lazy hot pot! It only takes 5 minutes for a hot pot that is warmer than long trousers to be freshly baked. Sure enough, hot pot is a perfect match for winter!

Self-heating Lazy Hot Pot

1. 1 self-heating lunch box, take out the upper lunch box

Self-heating Lazy Hot Pot recipe

2. Pour 60g of hot pot bottom material, then add 2 washed shiitake mushrooms, 20g enoki mushrooms, 4 slices of lotus root, 3 broccoli, 3 small crispy sausages, 3 cooked quail eggs, 5 small meatballs, and mutton rolls 50g

Self-heating Lazy Hot Pot recipe

3. Pour in pure water (to the mark position)

Self-heating Lazy Hot Pot recipe

4. Tear the development hot pack and place it flat on the bottom box, pour cold water and the hot pack flush (hot water is not allowed)

Self-heating Lazy Hot Pot recipe

5. Put it into the lunch box quickly, close the lid and simmer for 13-15 minutes (be careful not to block the air holes)

Self-heating Lazy Hot Pot recipe

6. Open the lid, mix well and enjoy

Self-heating Lazy Hot Pot recipe


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