Sesame Crisp

Sesame Crisp

by Xing Xiaoya

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Sesame Crisp

1. Prepare the materials

Sesame Crisp recipe

2. White and egg yolk separation

Sesame Crisp recipe

3. Add sugar and linseed oil to the egg whites and mix well

Sesame Crisp recipe

4. Add low-gluten flour and stir until there are no dry powder particles

Sesame Crisp recipe

5. Add cooked sesame seeds and stir well

Sesame Crisp recipe

6. Spread a spoonful of batter on the baking tray, repeat this process, leaving a little distance between the cakes

Sesame Crisp recipe

7. Put it in the oven, top the heat to 170℃, lower the heat to 165℃, and bake for 10 minutes.

Sesame Crisp recipe

8. Flax Commune Linseed Oil|Choose healthy ingredients and enjoy a healthy life

Sesame Crisp recipe


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