Sesame Omelet

Sesame Omelet

by Qiqi

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My dear boss, Yoyoyuanse, won for me the benefits of a Melaleuca pot from French Baker. In order to repay my dear boss, I used this pot to make egg rolls.


Sesame Omelet

1. Material collection diagram

Sesame Omelet recipe

2. Butter softened

Sesame Omelet recipe

3. Add white sugar

Sesame Omelet recipe

4. Stir until the sugar is completely melted

Sesame Omelet recipe

5. Sift in low-gluten flour

Sesame Omelet recipe

6. Just squeeze it with your hands, you can squeeze it until there is no dry powder

Sesame Omelet recipe

7. Beat in two eggs twice

Sesame Omelet recipe

8. Stir until it's completely blended, then beat another

Sesame Omelet recipe

9. Add black sesame seeds

Sesame Omelet recipe

10. Do not open the fire, scoop a spoonful of batter into the pan

Sesame Omelet recipe

11. Rotate along the pot, make a thin layer, pay attention to be very thin, transparent, open fire

Sesame Omelet recipe

12. Seared to the bottom slightly browned, turn off the heat and peel off

Sesame Omelet recipe

13. Take the heat and quickly roll it up with chopsticks and let it cool

Sesame Omelet recipe


When making an egg roll, it must be thin, the thinner the more crispy, and the pan must let it cool completely before making the next one


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