Shacha Beef Rice

Shacha Beef Rice

by Xiaoyuan Review

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Rice will always have endless tricks, as long as you can imagine it, you can make the leftover rice have the best destination.
For one person at noon, Shacha Beef Beef Rice is the best choice.


Shacha Beef Rice

1. ·Ingredients·

200g fat beef, 30g onion, 1 egg, 200g rice, 3g salt, 20g shacha sauce
10g cooking wine, 3g sesame seeds, 5g spring onions

Shacha Beef Rice recipe

2. Tear the beef rolls into small pieces for later use

Shacha Beef Rice recipe

3. Pour the shacha sauce, cooking wine, and egg white, stir well, and marinate for 10 minutes

Shacha Beef Rice recipe

4. Heat the pan with cold oil, add the onion and fry until fragrant

Shacha Beef Rice recipe

5. Add fat beef and stir-fry until the color changes

Shacha Beef Rice recipe

6. Add a little water after discoloration, stir fry evenly

Shacha Beef Rice recipe

7. Brush the casserole with a layer of oil and add the rice

Shacha Beef Rice recipe

8. Then add fat beef, put egg yolk in the middle, and sprinkle a little salt

Shacha Beef Rice recipe

9. Simmer for 6 minutes

Shacha Beef Rice recipe

10. Sprinkle with chopped green onion and sesame seeds

Shacha Beef Rice recipe


1. If the taste is heavy, you can add more shacha sauce and light soy sauce when marinating.


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