Shanghai Bacon Rice

Shanghai Bacon Rice

by Xiaojun_Joanne

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Salted pork paella is a home cooking in Shanghai. In autumn and winter, traditional Shanghai families will dry their own bacon or buy bacon at the North and South stores. When winter bamboo shoots are on the market, it is the time for pickled duxian (bacon, fresh meat, bamboo shoots) to become popular. Compared with seasonal dishes such as pickled tuxian, salted meat cauliflower is much more friendly to the people. Vegetables in Shanghai are available all year round at a reasonable price. They are served with bacon to make salted meat cauliflower. The oil of bacon is soaked in rice. It moisturizes the greens, which also relieves the fatness of bacon, and brings the unique aroma of greens. A dish is convenient, delicious, and a combination of meat and vegetables.


Shanghai Bacon Rice

1. Cut bacon and greens into small pieces, chopped green onions, and set aside.

Shanghai Bacon Rice recipe

2. Wash the rice and set aside.

Shanghai Bacon Rice recipe

3. Stir-fry the greens and strain out the juice.

Shanghai Bacon Rice recipe

4. Add water, vegetable juice and bacon to the cleaned rice, and cook the rice in a discharge pot.

Shanghai Bacon Rice recipe

5. After the rice is cooked, add chopped green onion and fried greens, cover and simmer for 3-5 minutes.

Shanghai Bacon Rice recipe

6. Mix well and serve.

Shanghai Bacon Rice recipe


1 If you find it troublesome, you can cook the vegetables and bacon together at the beginning of cooking, but the vegetables are easy to turn yellow and affect the appearance.
2 The greens do not need to be fried for too long, about one minute. When filtering, use a spoon to gently press to squeeze out the vegetable juice.
3 If you like a bit more fragrant, you can choose a bit more oily part. If you are afraid of oiliness, or prefer more chewy, you can choose more lean meat, but in this case, it is recommended to cut the meat smaller to avoid too salty.


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