Sichuan Pickled Fish

Sichuan Pickled Fish

by The tattoo artist who loves cooking, Qi sister

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It’s the first time to make sauerkraut fish is super delicious. The point is that the sauerkraut is authentic


Sichuan Pickled Fish

1. The fish fillets are easy to marinate in cooking wine, ginger, salt and pepper powder for more than 15 minutes

Sichuan Pickled Fish recipe

2. The accessories are ready as follows

Sichuan Pickled Fish recipe

3. Stir-fry dried chili, ginger, green onion, pepper and other ingredients

Sichuan Pickled Fish recipe

4. Then put the fish head and fish fillet and fry for a while to remove the fishy smell. Then add boiling water and cook for 20 minutes.

Sichuan Pickled Fish recipe

5. Start the pot after the fish fillets are cooked. Splashing hot oil on the fish fillets with deep-fried Chinese pepper and dried chili! It's more fragrant

Sichuan Pickled Fish recipe


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