Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread

Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread

by Zero Zero Baking

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Salad pork floss bread is really my true love. I used to order the salad pork floss at the milk bar at work. I love it very much and I don't get tired of it. So since I made my own bread, this is definitely a must-do. Now I don’t know if I spoiled my mouth or it’s really not delicious outside. I haven’t bought salad pork floss outside for a year. I bought one and tasted it one day. I couldn’t eat it after a few bites. The healthy and delicious caterpillar shape is in line with the spring and summer season. The soup method is used, which is very soft. My kids will eat several of them after school.


Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread

1. Add 30 grams of high-gluten flour and 100 grams of water to the milk pan, turn on a low heat to cook the soup, stir while boiling, cook until it is mushy and then turn off the heat

Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread recipe

2. Let cool a bit and wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour

Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread recipe

3. Add the remaining ingredients except the butter to the bread bucket (100G water is used for the soup, 130G water in the bread bucket is fine), take out the refrigerated soup from the refrigerator and put it in, press the bread dough to knead the dough and knead it well Then add butter, and continue to knead the noodles and ferment (the soup has a relatively large water content and is a relatively thin paste)

Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread recipe

4. Open after fermentation, the dough is bright and smooth, and the film can be pulled out with a gentle pull, and the hole in the film is round.

Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread recipe

5. Then pour out and divide into small doughs of 50 grams each. Roll out the small dough into a long strip, then fold it up and down to the middle. You can sprinkle a little starch on the countertop to prevent sticking.

Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread recipe

6. Then fold it in half and rotate it 90 degrees, then roll it out like this, and roll it into a rectangle (the purpose of steps 5-6 is to roll out the rectangle a bit more regular)

Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread recipe

7. Then use scissors to cut into 0.5-0.8cm wide strips on one side of the rectangle. When cutting, try to be even in length and width.

Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread recipe

8. Brush a layer of salad dressing on the left side, and use a brush to apply a little powder to the cut on the right strip to prevent sticking

Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread recipe

9. Then spread the floss on the left side with the salad dressing

Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread recipe

10. Gently roll up from the left to the right, put the interface downwards into the tarp-covered baking pan, put it in a warm place, and ferment again to double the size. If the oven has a fermentation function, put it directly in the oven for fermentation (move to roasting). Be careful to transfer when you plate, and keep the shape of the strips well. If you want a curved shape, just bend a little when you put it; you can cover it with plastic wrap as needed during fermentation to prevent the surface from being too dry)

Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread recipe

11. When it is doubled, take it out, turn on the oven and heat to 200 degrees and lower the heat to 180 degrees to start preheating. Brush the bread with a layer of egg mixture, and then sprinkle with black sesame seeds. Put it in the middle of the oven and bake for 10-13 minutes. .

Salad Meat Pine Caterpillar Bread recipe


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