Lotus Root Spine Soup

Lotus Root Spine Soup

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I took the baby to the supermarket and saw a bunch of old ladies crowded there. I didn’t know what they were doing. I was curious and walked over to have a look. As a result, they were all picking lotus roots there. I also joined in and selected a few sections. It’s time to eat lotus root In season, I went home and made lotus root spine soup, a very sweet and delicious autumn and winter soup. I have fallen in love with soup since I gave birth, and I will make some soup every day. Now my family has followed me in falling in love with soup. I always think that the old hot soup in Guangdong is the best, and I have to make the least soup. It takes more than two hours to complete, so the stewed soup is very delicious.


Lotus Root Spine Soup

1. After peeling the lotus root, cut the hob block

Lotus Root Spine Soup recipe

2. Mince ginger, cut green onion into sections

Lotus Root Spine Soup recipe

3. Wash the pork spine, put it in a pot and boil the bleeding powder, remove and wash

Lotus Root Spine Soup recipe

4. Re-add the blanched pork spine into the saucepan, then put in the lotus root, put a proper amount of water to submerge the ingredients

Lotus Root Spine Soup recipe

5. Add 1 cinnamon, 10 peppercorns, minced ginger and green onions

Lotus Root Spine Soup recipe

6. After boiling, turn to low heat and simmer for 2 hours, add salt to taste

Lotus Root Spine Soup recipe

7. Put it in a bowl and add chives


1. The quality requirements of lotus root: the lotus root body should be fat, crispy and tender, with a lot of moisture and sweet. At the same time, the lotus root body should be free from injury, rot, discoloration, no rust spots, no shrinkage, and constant joints;
2. An iron pot is not suitable for stewing lotus roots, otherwise the soup is easy to turn black. It is best to use a stew pot.


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