Mushroom Spine Soup

Mushroom Spine Soup

by Wandering stars

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Like to use pork spine to make soup, you can mix it with all kinds of ingredients you like. In addition to all kinds of mushroom ingredients, you can also choose kelp, corn, carrots, lotus root, yam, winter melon, etc. It tastes delicious and is most suitable for lazy people. Simple tonic soup.


Mushroom Spine Soup

1. Prepare all the ingredients.

Mushroom Spine Soup recipe

2. Wash the mushrooms separately, cut the eryngii mushrooms into chunks, fold the seafood mushrooms into two pieces, tear the thicker seafood mushrooms from the middle, and do the same for the Xiuzhen mushrooms. Wash the shallots and beat them into onion knots, and cut the ginger into thin slices.

Mushroom Spine Soup recipe

3. Wash the pork spine several times with water. If you have time, soak it in clean water for a while to soak out the blood in the bone.

Mushroom Spine Soup recipe

4. Put cold water in the pot, put the spine into the pot, add a few slices of ginger.

Mushroom Spine Soup recipe

5. Boil the water, blanch the spine, and boil the blood in the spine. There are no few steps when blanching the bones. Only when the blood foam is boiled, the color of the soup behind will be clear and not turbid.

Mushroom Spine Soup recipe

6. The blanched spine is taken out with chopsticks and rinsed under running water.

Mushroom Spine Soup recipe

7. Put all the spine, ginger slices, and green onions into the inner pot of the electric pressure cooker.

Mushroom Spine Soup recipe

8. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the electric pressure cooker, add a spoonful of white vinegar, and close the lid.

Mushroom Spine Soup recipe

9. The electric pressure cooker is connected to the power supply and the high pressure is set for 30 minutes. After the time is over, the pressure is released and the lid is opened. The cooked bone broth is white and very clear.

Mushroom Spine Soup recipe

10. Take out the green onion and ginger slices in the soup and discard them. Then pour all the mushrooms into the pressure cooker and continue to cook for 15 minutes.

Mushroom Spine Soup recipe

11. After cooking, add appropriate amount of salt to the pot to taste according to personal taste.

Mushroom Spine Soup recipe

12. Stir well, sprinkle some chopped green onion before serving.

Mushroom Spine Soup recipe


1. Using an electric pressure cooker to cook the soup is very labor-saving, simple and fast. If you use an ordinary pot, it will cook for about an hour, and pay attention to the heat.
2. The ingredients for the soup can be adjusted freely according to the preferences of the family.
3. This soup does not need to add chicken essence and spices, because the mushroom itself has the effect of improving freshness.


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