Sixtieth Clear Soup

Sixtieth Clear Soup

by Xu Jinghui-

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This season's sixtieth birthday is plump and full of meat. To make a quick and simple sixtieth birthday soup with a bowl of rice, satisfying and delicious, even a little white in the kitchen can easily make it.


Sixtieth Clear Soup

1. Take a large bowl and put it in clean water, put the sixtiethidae in a bowl and soak with salt for about 30 minutes. After soaking, pour out the water, pick up the bowl and tip it over for 2-3 minutes to let the sixtiethidae spit out the sand.

Sixtieth Clear Soup recipe

2. Take garlic cloves and cut into slices for later use

Sixtieth Clear Soup recipe

3. Cut the red pepper into ring shapes for later use, or cut into other shapes, change the knife according to your preference

Sixtieth Clear Soup recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of water to the pot, put the washed flower beetle, garlic, and red pepper into the pot together

Sixtieth Clear Soup recipe

5. Turn on the induction cooker and cook for about 3 minutes. All the sixties can be eaten with boiling water.

Sixtieth Clear Soup recipe


No seasoning is required for this clear broth. The taste is very delicious.


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