Seafood Wonton Soup

Seafood Wonton Soup

by Little Fish 88

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While working in Yangxi, one day my husband and a friend came back for dinner and said to me, "The seafood wontons in xx shop are super delicious, I will take you to eat next time." "So delicious. Okay!" I I thought, not just a bowl of wonton. Then I forgot about it. A few days later, my husband called me and said, "Don't go to the dining hall for dinner after get off work, and take you to eat seafood wonton." He really borrowed a colleague's motorcycle and drove me to eat seafood wonton. I went to that shop, a humble shop, but it was full of customers. One person, one bowl of seafood wanton. A big bowl, full, gives people the first impression, so much material! Have a bite of the soup, fresh! Wonton is also different from other places. The store cleverly adds horseshoe diced to the meat filling, which not only highlights the aroma of the meat, but also the crunchy diced horseshoe, which also adds a lot of taste. It's no wonder that husbands who are always picky about food are full of praise.
That shop is far away, so I didn't eat it again after I went there once. Later, I went to the vegetable market and bought the ingredients, and I made a seafood wanton by myself. My husband said, "It's better than that in that store." I said, "Did you deliberately take me to eat, and you will be greedy in the future, so that I can make it for you?" "Where, it really feels good? I just took you to eat."
Life needs such a small fortune to embellish it, so that life is fresh and full of taste!
You should also learn a trick. For your loved TA, for your family, cook a bowl of delicious seafood soup wonton. In the cold winter, cook a bowl for yourself, steaming, and it's excellent!


Seafood Wonton Soup

1. Material handling:
1. Peel the front scapula of pig and chop into minced meat.
2. Cut the lean meat into thin strips of lean meat, add an appropriate amount of salt and a small amount of egg white (1 egg,
Use a small amount of egg white for lean meat, put the remaining egg yolk and egg white into the minced meat), stir well.
3. Peel the horseshoe and chop into pellets. (First smash with a kitchen knife, then chop)
4. Boil water in a pot, wash the flower armor, put it in boiling water, and cook until the flower armor changes color and the shell is fully opened.
Pour it out and wash away the sand and impurities in the sixtieth with water. Then put the plate on it and set it aside.
5. Soak the dried squid in clean water, remove the mucous membrane on the surface, wash and shred.
6. Divide green onion and green onion leaves, chop the green onion into pureed onion. Cut green onion leaves and chopped green onions.
7. Shred the ginger slices, then dice, and finally chop into ginger paste with the back of a knife.
8. Wash coriander and cut into sections.

Seafood Wonton Soup recipe

2. Make stuffing:
1. Use a large container to pack minced meat, then add eggs, scallion, ginger, salt, cooking oil,
White sugar, soy sauce;
2. Stir in one direction with chopsticks until the meat becomes thick and vigorously.

Seafood Wonton Soup recipe

3. Wonton package:
Spread a piece of wonton wrapper on the palm of your hand. Use chopsticks to place an appropriate amount of meat filling in the middle of the wonton wrapper, and then use chopsticks to pick up one side of the wonton wrapper to cover the meat filling. Really, squeeze it firmly, the wonton skin sticks together, it is difficult to cook.), then take out the chopsticks.

Seafood Wonton Soup recipe

4. Cook wanton:
1. Boil water in a soup pot, add lean pork and squid after the water is boiled.
2. When the water in the soup pot is boiled again, put in the flower beetle and wonton (after putting the wonton, use the soup immediately
Spoon, with the mouth of the spoon facing down, stir in one direction, the purpose is to make the wonton not stick to the bottom of the pan. ).
3. When the water in the soup pot is boiled for the third time, add a spoonful of cold water and stir with a spoon.
4. When the water in the soup pot is boiled for the fourth time, the wonton is basically on the noodle soup, add the chopped green onion and fragrant
Vegetables, add some salt, cooking oil and soy sauce (you don’t need to add cooking oil and soy sauce! Add a little, soup
It will be more fragrant and flavorful), stir it slightly. That's it!

Seafood Wonton Soup recipe


The sixtieth must be boiled in water once, the shells are all opened, and then the sediment and impurities are washed away. There is no open shell, throw it away. (Some shells are covered with mud and sand)


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