Snowman Cupcakes

Snowman Cupcakes

by Ma Lin

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It hasn’t been updated for a long time. I wanted to post this cake before Christmas, but I haven’t done it anymore. Yesterday, I chose a 100-day photo for Walnut. Even the 100-day photo was taken until four months. Life with a child is indeed different. How can I say it is to be busier.
I haven't gone out to press the road for several Christmas Eve. The Bell Tower in Xi'an last night was another scene of people. Sometimes I miss my youth as evidenced by those brightly lit Christmas trees, and I once dragged balloons to walk through the crowd. Some were aimless, and some snowflakes fell, and I couldn't imagine what I would look like many years later.
Having said that, if you have the opportunity to stay at home today and still have some time to try this little cake, it should be pretty cute. The element of the snowman is actually very suitable as a gift throughout the winter.


Snowman Cupcakes

1. Beat the eggs in a basin, add fine sugar and stir evenly until most of the sugar is melted

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

2. Sift the low-gluten flour, baking powder, and cinnamon powder into the egg paste mixed above, and stir evenly from bottom to top with a spatula

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

3. Add milk and continue to stir evenly until the milk is completely absorbed

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

4. Add the corn oil three times, and stir evenly each time, then add the next time, mix thoroughly

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

5. Add diced apples, continue to mix well, the batter is ready

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

6. Put the batter into the piping bag, squeeze it into the paper cup mold, about 70% full

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

7. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, turn on the upper and lower heat, put it in the middle of the oven, bake for about 20-25 minutes, the surface is golden; take it out and let it cool, and then use a knife to cut off the uneven surface to make the cake surface relatively flat

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

8. Take out the white fondant paste, knead a small piece and roll it into a thin piece, press the mark with a suitable round tool (I used the lid of the baking powder), and then cut it with a knife

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

9. After cutting it, place it on the surface of the cake (you can paste it with water or honey)

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

10. Then take a piece of white fondant and add a little blue pigment, knead it into a color, roll it out into thin slices, and press the same tool to make a circular impression

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

11. Use a knife to cut out the shape of the hat and brim

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

12. Then use a toothpick to press out the stripes on the surface

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

13. And stick it on the white fondant

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

14. Melt some dark chocolate and pink chocolate, put them into piping bags, draw eyes in black and blush on pink

Snowman Cupcakes recipe

15. Use a little white fondant to add red pigment, knead it evenly, then take a little bit and knead it into a small ball, which is used as the nose;
Finally, use white frosting or white chocolate to draw the snowman’s mouth.

Snowman Cupcakes recipe


1. It is delicious without decoration;
2. It can be omitted without cinnamon powder;
3. Apples can also be replaced with other diced fruits;
4. I use Deborah brand fondant cream, which is sold on Taobao;
5. The coloring I used is McCormick.


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