Soda Bread

Soda Bread

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Soda bread is originally from Ireland. Although it is called soda bread, it does not contain soda. The taste is crispy, hand torn with jam, and eaten with tea, in a quiet afternoon, the taste is rich and intriguing. Although it is called soda bread, it does not contain soda.


Soda Bread

1. Sift high-gluten flour, baking powder, add sugar, salt, raisins (add fruit according to personal preference, you can not add)

Soda Bread recipe

2. Pour the melted butter and the prepared yogurt into the basin

Soda Bread recipe

3. Quickly use a spatula to stir evenly, knead into a dough, don’t need to knead for a long time, just even

Soda Bread recipe

4. Wrap in plastic wrap and put in refrigeration for 1 hour

Soda Bread recipe

5. Press the dough into a thickness of about 4cm, put it in a baking tray, use a sieve to sprinkle some high-gluten flour on the surface of the dough (you can use powdered sugar if you like sweet), and use a knife to cut the crossroads on the surface. Put in the oven at 190° for 25~30 minutes

Soda Bread recipe


The temperature is adjusted according to your own oven, and the stirring is simple and neat


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