Soup Baby Dishes

Soup Baby Dishes

by Flower Morning Moon Evening 23

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The soup baby dish is a famous dish of the Han nationality with delicious color and fragrance, belonging to Cantonese cuisine. The main ingredient is baby cabbage, and the main cooking technique is boiled and prepared with thick soup. The finished product is fragrant, delicious and full-bodied.


Soup Baby Dishes

1. Prepare ingredients

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

2. Wash baby vegetables and cut into long strips

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

3. Peel the preserved egg and dice, and dice the sausage for later use

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

4. Heat oil in a pot, add garlic slices and sauté when 50% hot.

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

5. Add preserved eggs and stir-fry the diced sausage for a while.

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

6. Add the broth to a boil.

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

7. Add baby cabbage and cook until soft.

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

8. Add an appropriate amount of salt and mix evenly

Soup Baby Dishes recipe


1 When choosing authentic baby dishes, you should choose small ones with firm textures.
2 If there is no broth, you can use the thick soup treasure instead.


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