Soup Type Milk Toast

Soup Type Milk Toast

by Sister Guoming

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"Soup" means warm noodles or thin noodles in Japanese. The soup type and other bread ingredients are stirred, fermented, shaped and baked. The bread is the soup type bread. The biggest difference between soup bread and other breads is that the starch gelatinization increases the water absorption, so the texture of the bread is soft and elastic, and the storage time of the bread can be prolonged. In addition to milk, this soup-type toast also contains fresh cream, so not only the internal tissue is soft, but the milk flavor is also stronger.


Soup Type Milk Toast

1. Put all the materials in A into the mixing tank, whipping at low speed until they form a dough, turn off the power and scrape around the mixing tank with a scraper to gather the dough, and then change the medium speed to whipping until the dough elasticity increases and the surface is smooth;
Cut the B butter into small pieces and add it to the dough. Continue to beat at low speed until the butter is completely absorbed by the dough and the dough is smooth and elastic. Change to high speed and stir until the dough is fully expanded. Although the mixed dough is soft but not sticky, you can take out a small piece of dough to test, stretch it with both hands, you can pull out a thin transparent film and it is not easy to stretch, if there is a hole, the area around the hole is smooth The edge of

Soup Type Milk Toast recipe

2. Put the dough into a container with a wet towel and place it in a warm and moisturizing place for the first fermentation, about 60-90 minutes; take out the dough that has been twice as large as it is fermented, press the dough lightly with your hands to let the large bubbles out, and weigh it with a scale Then divide it into two even pieces, round and relax for 10 minutes; roll the dough into an oval shape with a rolling pin, fold a part of the two sides toward the middle, and roll it out to a length of about 25-30cm, and roll it into a roll. Pour into the toast mold for final fermentation; preheat the oven to 180 degrees; brush a layer of egg liquid on the surface of the fermented dough. Put it in the lower part of the oven and bake for about 35 minutes

Soup Type Milk Toast recipe

3. Put 50 grams of high-gluten flour and 250 grams of water in a small pot and mix until there are no dry flour particles. Heat to 65 degrees away from the fire. While heating, use an egg beater to keep stirring to avoid muddying the pot. If you don't have a thermometer, it doesn't matter. Pay attention to the heating process and keep stirring at the same time. You can see that the edge of the pot starts to form small bubbles, and then the batter continues to become thicker, and it will leave a trace of stirring as it is stirred. The concentration can be turned off and leave the stove immediately. Because there is residual temperature at the bottom of the pot, stir it for a few minutes before letting it cool.

Soup Type Milk Toast recipe

4. Cover the cling film immediately when it is warm, and pay attention to the cling film to be attached to the surface of the batter, so as to prevent a layer of dry skin on the surface; it is best to use it after cooling or refrigerating overnight. The prepared soup should be used within three days It won't be broken after using up

Soup Type Milk Toast recipe

5. Finished product

Soup Type Milk Toast recipe


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