Sour Soup with Beef

Sour Soup with Beef

by He Xiaohe

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My husband and I like beef in sour soup. Every time I go to a restaurant, we must order this dish. It is delicious, but it is always not addictive. A large pot, mostly soup, and then enoki mushrooms. sheet. So if you want to enjoy it, you have to do it yourself. A new cooking machine with rice was added to the house. It was a foolish operation, prepared the ingredients according to the recipe, and put the ingredients in according to the APP prompts step by step, and finally the finished product came out. The beef in sour soup made with rice cooking machine is really delicious and authentic. The soup is golden in color and sour and enjoyable. It can be done without any cooking skills at all, and there is less soup and more ingredients, which makes you enjoyable and comfortable to eat.

Sour Soup with Beef

1. Prepare the ingredients according to the recipe, and use the rice to cook the dishes in the cooking machine today. It is completely automatic and fool-like operation. It does not require manual intervention and does not require cooking skills to make delicious dishes.

Sour Soup with Beef recipe

2. Treat the ingredients, cut the green and red peppers into small circles, prepare the seasoning, slice ginger, cut green onions, mince coriander, and cut off the old roots of enoki mushrooms and tear them apart.

Sour Soup with Beef recipe

3. Fill the water tank of the cooking machine with rice, turn on the power, set up WIFI in advance, find the recipe for sour soup and beef in the APP, click to start cooking.

Sour Soup with Beef recipe

4. Put in various ingredients and seasonings according to the APP prompts and wait for the cooking to finish.

Sour Soup with Beef recipe

5. The final product, the moment the lid was opened, was suddenly greeted with golden color and fragrance. It's better to sprinkle some coriander at the end. Those who don't like coriander can omit this step.

Sour Soup with Beef recipe


1. The red beauty pepper I use is very spicy, so I put less bean paste and it feels just right. Adjust the amount according to your taste.
2. The rice cooker is super easy to use. Mom no longer has to worry that I can't cook.


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