Spicy Baby Potatoes

Spicy Baby Potatoes

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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When you buy potatoes, everyone likes to pick the big ones. But I am different. I choose the small ones that people don’t want. Because I need small potatoes for the delicacy I want to make today. The big ones are not tasty.
This way of eating was invented by my mother. When I was young, my family had to grow a lot of potatoes every year. The potatoes I grew at home must be of different sizes. The fried shreds and slices need larger ones. These small potatoes are troublesome to peel. Every time they are used to feed the pigs, my mother felt it was a pity, so she fried them whole and served us as snacks, put a little salt and chili powder, spicy and delicious, one person and one bowl are not enough!

It is best to use fresh potatoes to make this salt-and-pepper potato. It is now when the potatoes are on the market. Fry them on a plate. You can eat three meals a day for breakfast, snacks, and supper.


Spicy Baby Potatoes

1. Fresh small potatoes cleaned

Spicy Baby Potatoes recipe

2. Put it in a rice cooker, add water without potatoes, and cook for about 30 minutes until cooked

Spicy Baby Potatoes recipe

3. Take out the ripe potatoes and let them cool slightly

Spicy Baby Potatoes recipe

4. Peel off the skin of the baby potatoes

Spicy Baby Potatoes recipe

5. Chopped green onion, oiled chili, set aside

Spicy Baby Potatoes recipe

6. Put a little oil in a non-stick pan and pour the potatoes in

Spicy Baby Potatoes recipe

7. Use a spatula to slightly squeeze the small potatoes

Spicy Baby Potatoes recipe

8. Slowly fry on medium heat until golden on both sides

Spicy Baby Potatoes recipe

9. Add oil chili

Spicy Baby Potatoes recipe

10. Sprinkle in salt, stir evenly, sprinkle with chopped green onion before serving, eat it while it is hot, the outside is burnt and the inside is tender and delicious!

Spicy Baby Potatoes recipe


1. Peel and fry small potatoes while they are hot, and it is not easy to operate when they are cooled.
2. Don't crush the potatoes too much, just have a little crack.


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