Okra Risotto

Okra Risotto

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Risotto is the most convenient choice when eating alone. Sweep the refrigerator, there are half a bowl of leftover rice, a piece of cake, and a few pieces of vegetable leaves. It is easy to match a bowl of delicious and nutritious meal for one person, which is much more comfortable than eating fast food and convenience food.


Okra Risotto

1. Half a bowl of leftovers, a pancake baked in the morning, a small potato, a few cabbage leaves, three to five black fungus, two okra

Okra Risotto recipe

2. Put a little vegetable oil in a wok, sauté garlic, fry the potato slices first, the potatoes will become transparent, then add other vegetables and stir fry

Okra Risotto recipe

3. Add a large bowl of boiling water, simmer for a while, add the cake and rice, fry a little salt, stir well, add appropriate amount of pepper, and serve.

Okra Risotto recipe
Okra Risotto recipe


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