Spicy Cabbage Rice Cake Instant Noodles

Spicy Cabbage Rice Cake Instant Noodles

by Tuo Tuo Ma

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Instant noodles is probably the most tangled food in the minds of foodies. When there are good things to eat, it is the least rare to eat it, because when you eat it, you will feel that it’s nothing to stay up late and work overtime. The dilemma when eating, but when people are traveling or in the wilderness, a bowl of instant noodles is the most familiar taste and warmth. So some people concluded that instant noodles are just when you want to stop eating it next time, but if you don’t eat it for a long time, you will miss it a little. It’s like a bad friend who has been together for many years and can’t be thrown away because it’s already dissolved. Your life, your habits, whether you are healthy or not, like it or not, people on this earth always have to deal with it several times in their lives, and basically no one is spared.

In fact, I personally feel that instant noodles, apart from the problems of fried noodles, excessive MSG and preservatives, its appearance itself is a contribution to modern people, and it gives us a convenient choice when it is inconvenient. Fortunately, the current process has been slightly improved. The instant noodles are rarely fried anymore. They are all dried. If you don’t use the seasoning package that comes with it, if you add the instant noodles, if the first water is filtered out. , It can greatly improve some of its own problems. So if you want to eat instant noodles, but don't want to eat it unhealthy, you can try cooking at home, adding some broth or other ingredients to make a different style, which is another experiment.

Instant noodles first appeared in Japan and developed from Japanese ramen. Under the influence of Japan, Koreans also call instant noodles ramen. According to the different pasta culture habits of various countries, instant noodles have different mainstream tastes in various countries. Japan is basically pork bones, miso, and seafood. China is basically beef, chicken soup, spare ribs, spicy and so on. In Korea, instant noodles are inevitably added to kimchi, and Koreans put another favorite. A staple food is added to the instant noodles, that is, the national snack "Spicy Rice Cake". The rice cake kimchi and ramen are cooked together in one pot, which means that you have to have both fish and bear paws.


Spicy Cabbage Rice Cake Instant Noodles

1. 1 pack of finger rice cakes, 1 pack of rice cake chili sauce

2. 1 pack of spicy cabbage instant noodles. In fact, other instant noodles are also used here. In the end, the seasoning bag inside was not used anyway, only the noodles were taken.

Spicy Cabbage Rice Cake Instant Noodles recipe

3. 1 pack of Korean spicy cabbage

4. Fill the soup pot with water and boil, add a small amount of cold water when the rice cake is boiled again, add cold water when it boils again, repeat this 3-5 times, turn off the heat when the rice cake is completely floating

Spicy Cabbage Rice Cake Instant Noodles recipe

5. Fish out the cooked rice cake

6. Pour the right amount of water into the noodle pot

Spicy Cabbage Rice Cake Instant Noodles recipe

7. Pour in a small half package of spicy cabbage, then add spicy rice cake sauce, and boil on high heat until boiling

8. Add the rice cake, cook until it boils again, add the instant noodles, turn to low heat and simmer for 1 minute, then turn off the heat. Finally, sprinkle a small amount of red pepper and green onions, and you can start eating

Spicy Cabbage Rice Cake Instant Noodles recipe
Spicy Cabbage Rice Cake Instant Noodles recipe
Spicy Cabbage Rice Cake Instant Noodles recipe
Spicy Cabbage Rice Cake Instant Noodles recipe


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