Spicy Chongqing Hot Pot

Spicy Chongqing Hot Pot

by Picatyn

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At home on the weekend, I suddenly wanted to eat Chongqing hot pot. As a Chongqing native, I must know this simple dish to save my life!


Spicy Chongqing Hot Pot

1. Prepare all kinds of dishes you like.
I bought broccoli ➕ enoki mushroom ➕ ham sausage ➕ potato chips ➕ lettuce head ➕ dried bean curd ➕ black tofu ➕ eel ➕ beef tendon ➕ beef and hairy belly ➕ pangasius did not come up

Spicy Chongqing Hot Pot recipe

2. First, saute ginger, garlic, and pepper in hot oil until fragrant.

Spicy Chongqing Hot Pot recipe

3. Add two spoons of watercress, add star anise and other spices and stir fry

Spicy Chongqing Hot Pot recipe

4. Put a bag of Qiaotou hot pot seasoning and stir fry, add according to your own taste, you can put half a bag if you don't like the spicy flavor.

Spicy Chongqing Hot Pot recipe

5. Stir all the ingredients well, the aroma is overflowing!

Spicy Chongqing Hot Pot recipe

6. Add water, increase the green onions, and cook on high heat!

Spicy Chongqing Hot Pot recipe

7. Let it boil and serve!

Spicy Chongqing Hot Pot recipe

8. Put the dishes into the hot pot one by one, and put the dishes that need to be cooked for a longer time first, and then put the dishes that are ready in a few seconds, such as hairy belly and beef. It is recommended not to have too many dishes at a time, because the pot cannot fit.

Spicy Chongqing Hot Pot recipe

9. Make Chongqing oil dish, formula sesame oil ➕ garlic ➕ coriander, friends who like sour can add some vinegar.

Began to eat your home-made Chongqing hot pot!

Spicy Chongqing Hot Pot recipe


Hot pot mainly takes time to prepare dishes, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, and processing meat dishes. But I bought it myself, it was cheap, I made it myself, and it was clean! What's more important is enough weight!

In fact, this is the first time to make hot pot, but the taste is really super good. I ate two bowls of rice for each meal, and the dishes were eaten after two meals! The taste is no less than the hot pot restaurant! A total of only $12 dollars! Super bargain!

And I really recommend Qiaotou hot pot seasoning to make your own Chongqing hot pot, plus some fried ingredients, perfect!


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