Spicy Fried Lamb Lung

Spicy Fried Lamb Lung

by Wanshanhong

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Spicy stir-fried lamb lung is a halal home-cooked dish here, and a favorite dish for Hui friends. My family usually seldom eats. Only when I was shopping for food today, I saw that the sheep's lungs were processed well, so I bought one. Put the chili peppers and stir-fry them over high heat, which is quite delicious. It's just that the visceral cholesterol content is relatively high, so you can't eat it often. It's okay to eat less occasionally.


Spicy Fried Lamb Lung

1. Prepare the accessories, soak the black fungus and magnolia slices in advance

2. All accessories are sliced for later use

Spicy Fried Lamb Lung recipe

3. One cooked lamb lung

4. Don't cut off the trachea inside

Spicy Fried Lamb Lung recipe

5. Cut 2 mm thick slices and rinse with water several times

6. Put rice wine and ginger shreds in the water and blanch it again, remove and set aside

Spicy Fried Lamb Lung recipe

7. Put a little oil in the pan, fry the ginger and garlic, add all the green and red peppers, black fungus, magnolia slices, and stir fry

8. Put in the blanched lung slice

Spicy Fried Lamb Lung recipe

9. Add salt and rice wine

10. Continue to stir fry on high heat for about a minute to get out

Spicy Fried Lamb Lung recipe


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