Spicy Fungus with Cold Sauce

Spicy Fungus with Cold Sauce

by mature11

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Black fungus mushrooms belong to the same category as fungi. They are well-known mountain treasures. They have the reputation of "meat in vegetarian" and are called "the black treasure in Chinese cuisine." Black fungus can effectively remove dust, impurities and radioactive substances in the human digestive system, and concentrate them out of the body. Jobs that are often exposed to dust often send black fungus to employees, which is the effect.
Black fungus can effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia. It can anticoagulate and activate blood, reduce blood viscosity, and is very helpful for thrombosis, arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. A friend of high blood lipids did not have the conditions to go to the hospital to get medicine. The doctor advised him to eat more black fungus. He insisted on it for a year. After another test, the blood lipids and everything were normal, and he successfully lost 20 kilograms, which is more effective than taking medicine. It can be seen that the blood lipid and blood coagulation effect of black fungus is still great, and the key lies in persistence.
Black fungus has the effect of dissolving stones in the body, and also has anti-cancer effects, so patients with stones should eat more.
Black fungus is also a diet food containing dietary fiber, which can help gastrointestinal peristalsis and reduce fat absorption. Eating regularly can detoxify and beautify the skin. If you don’t believe it, you can try it. Every time you eat a large amount, you will have a very pleasant bowel movement the next day.
Black fungus is particularly easy to store, as long as it is stored in a cool and dry place, my family usually keeps it. Almost every meal will have a plate. There are many ways to eat black fungus, such as cold salad, hot stir-fry, soup, and marinade. What I usually eat is cold salad, which is simple and fast, adding an appetizer to each meal to ensure that you will not get bored every day. The taste of my method is very greedy. I ate all the fungus, and the leftover soup on the plate smelled so greedy.


Spicy Fungus with Cold Sauce

1. Put the black fungus in clean water, put it in a microwave oven on medium heat and microwave for two minutes. This is the quickest way to soak black fungus. Very quickly, I usually do this. You can see that the black fungus is completely soaked. Rub it repeatedly with water to wash away the dust and sand.

Spicy Fungus with Cold Sauce recipe

2. Bring the water to a boil in the pot, add the black fungus and cook for two minutes, so that the fungus is easier to taste and will not be so tough. After the fungus is cooked, put it in cold water. Of course you can omit this step if you find it troublesome or like the taste

Spicy Fungus with Cold Sauce recipe

3. Mince garlic, slice spicy millet, and cut coriander into small pieces

Spicy Fungus with Cold Sauce recipe

4. Add salt and light soy sauce to the blanched fungus

Spicy Fungus with Cold Sauce recipe

5. Add vinegar

Spicy Fungus with Cold Sauce recipe

6. Add rattan pepper oil. This rattan pepper oil is made with fresh hemp and rapeseed oil. The hemp also has a special fragrance, which enhances the flavor and tastes very enjoyable.

Spicy Fungus with Cold Sauce recipe

7. Add minced garlic, spicy millet, coriander, add sugar, and finally add sesame oil and mix well.

Spicy Fungus with Cold Sauce recipe

8. Finished product

Spicy Fungus with Cold Sauce recipe

9. Finished product

Spicy Fungus with Cold Sauce recipe


1. If the black fungus is too late to soak in hot water, you can put it in the microwave for 2 minutes in cold water. Black fungus should be washed repeatedly with salt water at least three times to remove dirt and pesticide residues, but do not use detergent to clean it, to avoid harmful to the human body due to unclean washing.
2. Black fungus is not edible and fresh, it can cause poisoning. Fresh fungus contains a special chemical called "porphyrin". After people eat fresh fungus, plant solar dermatitis will occur after exposure to sunlight, causing skin itching, causing redness, swelling, itching, and skin rashes on exposed parts of the skin. , Blisters, edema. In comparison, dried fungus is safer.
3. This dish is suitable for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially those with iron deficiency.
4. Pregnant women and those with bleeding diseases should not eat black fungus.

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