Appetizing Meal---fish-flavored Pork

Appetizing Meal---fish-flavored Pork

by Rui Ma Afternoon Tea

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A Sichuan dish with fish-flavored shredded pork! With sweet and sour pork loin, hot and sour potato shreds, boiled pork slices! It is my favorite dish to order at Sichuan Restaurant! I used Pixian bean paste for this dish. Now with my homemade chili sauce, shredded pork with fish flavor is a must-have dish on the table! Three bowls of rice with a fish-flavored shredded pork! Fun!


Appetizing Meal---fish-flavored Pork

1. Prepare the fish-flavored shredded pork. As the name suggests, the meat should be shredded. The other ingredients should be shredded as well. Take your time. This is a dish that can show the skill of the knife.
Tenderloin, carrots, and peppers (I forgot to buy O(∩_∩)O), shredded and set aside.
Soak the fungus, blanch and shred.
Potatoes, preferably white meat, will be crisper when fried. Shred the same and soak in water for later use.
Prepare a portion of water starch.

Appetizing Meal---fish-flavored Pork recipe

2. The shredded pork is oily, stir-fried and served (forgot to take the picture)
Re-start the pan, add oil, heat the oil, add the carrots and stir fry. When the carotene is out, add the hot sauce and stir fry.

Appetizing Meal---fish-flavored Pork recipe

3. Control water with potato shreds, pour into the pot and stir fry together, about 2 minutes

Appetizing Meal---fish-flavored Pork recipe

4. At this time, you can add shredded pepper, fungus, and pork. Add soy sauce, salt, and stir fry again. Turn the heat to a minimum and pour in the water starch. Stir and open to medium-high heat. Stir evenly and sprinkle in a little chicken essence.

Appetizing Meal---fish-flavored Pork recipe

5. Out of the pot, serve! A bowl of hot rice with this colorful, spicy and delicious shredded pork. It's so cool! !
Come and try if you like.

Appetizing Meal---fish-flavored Pork recipe


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