Spicy Griddle Wings

Spicy Griddle Wings

by Pighead Xiaoxia

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The color is bright, the taste is delicious, and it is refreshing. It would be even more refreshing if you have a little wine!


Spicy Griddle Wings

1. The wings are blanched with a knife to remove the blood foam (if you don’t like the wings, you can replace them with other ingredients, chicken, duck, and rabbit)

Spicy Griddle Wings recipe

2. Buy taro and wash it at home (wash your hands with vinegar if your hands are itchy). Some places sell them with their skins. If you need to peel them yourself, it is too troublesome or itchy, you can replace them with potatoes.

Spicy Griddle Wings recipe

3. Because it is a hot pot type, you need to stir-fry, so you can just prepare it directly, slice ginger; smash the garlic, and divide the dried chili into two sections (you can save chili and add flavor)

Spicy Griddle Wings recipe

4. Put the oil in the pot and heat 8~90% (to put it simply, the temperature is higher than usual for cooking, because the ingredients are fried)

Spicy Griddle Wings recipe

5. When the oil temperature is reached, fry the ingredients until slightly dry and fragrant

Spicy Griddle Wings recipe

6. After adding the sauce, the fire must be reduced to avoid the bitterness of the pan (not too much bean paste, the color will be very dark, you can add some red and bright chili sauce) and stir fry slowly

Spicy Griddle Wings recipe

7. After the chili sauce is slightly dry and short-lived (that is, it is a bit dry and does not have the color when it was first cooked), add the spices on a low heat, and stir fry slowly to let the aroma of the spices come out (you can add a little white wine to taste better)

Spicy Griddle Wings recipe

8. Add the blanched wings and stir fry (not long)

Spicy Griddle Wings recipe

9. Add appropriate amount of water, pressure cooker to cook, it takes 4-5 minutes (put the taro under the wings, if there is no pressure cooker on the top, you can cook it directly or in a casserole)

Spicy Griddle Wings recipe

10. If you are in a hurry, you can use water shower to quickly decompress and deflate (don’t try if you’re afraid, I think it’s safe). The water shower takes a little longer to suppress for 5-6 minutes

Spicy Griddle Wings recipe

11. After pressing, add appropriate amount of salt and chicken bouillon and other condiments to the pot and it can be out of the pot (Taste the taste before adding salt, some bean paste and chili paste are very salty)

Spicy Griddle Wings recipe

12. Sprinkle chopped green onion (cilantro sesame) on the pot and enjoy it! After eating, you can add vegetables, etc.

Spicy Griddle Wings recipe


The more troublesome ingredients are mainly the spices. Because the ingredients are different, the fragrance is different. My family used to have a hot pot restaurant, so I prepared some ingredients by myself. I don’t pay much attention to making them at home. Ready-made hot pot ingredients can also be used, and the recipes made according to this method are definitely comparable to those in hot pot restaurants.


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