Spicy Hot Pot Skewers

Spicy Hot Pot Skewers

by Weilan Weibo

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Chuanchuanxiang, a famous snack in Sichuan, has its fragrance in the streets and alleys all year round. You have to wait in line to eat it. Did you know? Making it at home can be as simple as that. As long as you have a thermos stew pot, a bag of hot pot bottoms, and sufficient ingredients. Eliminate the queues and waiting in the store, or you can take a pot to eat with friends, take it to eat on the road, and take it to any place you want. This is the miracle that a stew pot brings us.

Spicy Hot Pot Skewers

1. Prepare the materials

Spicy Hot Pot Skewers recipe

2. Cut beef into thin slices, add appropriate amount of starch, mix well with cooking wine and very fresh soy sauce, marinate for half an hour

Spicy Hot Pot Skewers recipe

3. Put the bamboo skewers into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil for disinfection.

Spicy Hot Pot Skewers recipe

4. After soaking the black fungus, pick and wash it, put the marinated beef slices (preferably with houttuynia cordata, it is more delicious when rolled with beef, you can't buy it in this season in the north), and slice the potatoes and lotus roots into thin slices. Fish balls and beef balls are thawed and put on the label, all vegetables are washed and sliced as you like to match and put on the label

Spicy Hot Pot Skewers recipe

5. Add boiling water to the inner pot of the braising pot and heat it on the gas stove until tumbling. Add the right amount of hot pot base, ginger slices, and thick soup, and continue to boil

Spicy Hot Pot Skewers recipe

6. First add the cooking-resistant side dishes fish balls, beef balls, lotus root slices, fungus and cook for 2-3 minutes

Spicy Hot Pot Skewers recipe

7. Add beef, finally add potato chips, vegetables, etc. to boil,

Spicy Hot Pot Skewers recipe

8. Remove the inner pot of the braising pot and put it into the braising pot. Cover the lid and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Vegetables that are not resistant to cooking can be put in the last 5 minutes. Let all the ingredients be cooked on each side and each part is delicious

Spicy Hot Pot Skewers recipe

9. Open the braising pot

Spicy Hot Pot Skewers recipe

10. Take out all the skewers, put them in a bowl, pour out the soup, mash the garlic, add the oil, sesame oil, and green onions to mix evenly as the dipping sauce for the skewers, let’s start the delicious skewers.

Spicy Hot Pot Skewers recipe


Add ingredients according to your favorite taste


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