Spinach Lollipop Cake Roll

Spinach Lollipop Cake Roll

by Breakfast for Mother Sapling

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When I made the purple sweet potato banana toast lollipop last time, the saplings still stopped to look at the real lollipop for a while. Now I know that I have to buy it and eat it. There are too many lollipops, which is very bad for my teeth. Ma Ma needs to order lollipop snacks every three to five to satisfy the children’s strong liking~


Spinach Lollipop Cake Roll

1. Ingredients: 30g low-gluten flour, 3 eggs, 30g corn oil, 30g sugar, 30g spinach puree, jam (or cream)

Spinach Lollipop Cake Roll recipe

2. Separate the egg white and egg yolk, add 1/3 sugar, spinach puree, and corn oil to the egg yolk and mix well

Spinach Lollipop Cake Roll recipe

3. Sift in low-gluten flour and mix well

Spinach Lollipop Cake Roll recipe

4. Add a few drops of lemon juice or white vinegar to the egg whites and beat until the fisheye bubbles.
Pour in the remaining one-third of the sugar and continue to beat it until it has a rich and delicate foam.
Then continue to pour one-third of the white sugar, until there are delicate lines,
Pour in the remaining white sugar and beat it until it is wet and foamy, with big hooks

Spinach Lollipop Cake Roll recipe

5. Take one-third of the meringue and pour it into the egg yolk paste, stir evenly, you can preheat the oven before doing this, 170 degrees, 10 minutes

Spinach Lollipop Cake Roll recipe

6. Then pour it into the meringue, turn the basin while turning, and mix evenly. Do not use the method of drawing circles, you can use the form of turning or cutting.

Spinach Lollipop Cake Roll recipe

7. Pour the mixed batter from a height of 15 cm into a baking pan filled with baking paper, use a spatula to push it around and smooth it, shake it on the table a few times, shake out large bubbles, and put it into the preheated oven 170 degrees ,20 minutes

Spinach Lollipop Cake Roll recipe

8. After baking the cake, shake it out of the oven a few times, shake it out, and let it dry to room temperature. Use a knife to cut into strips about three centimeters, spread with jam and roll it from one end, insert a bamboo stick or straw to enjoy~

Spinach Lollipop Cake Roll recipe


This style is adapted from a small four-roll into a small three-roll, which is less than a quarter of the amount. The cake is thinner, so it is easier to roll. If you like thicker, you can adjust the amount to 4 and 40.
For the jam in the middle, you can choose more food according to your own taste. Welcome to follow WeChat to follow the breakfast note of Sapling Mom or search shumiao-mama


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