Steamed Flatbread

Steamed Flatbread

by Radish head ~ gourmet kitchen

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Steamed Flatbread

1. The fermented dough is divided into two equal portions.

Steamed Flatbread recipe

2. Take one portion and roll it into a round cake. Sprinkle with the adjusted pepper oil (oil ➕ salt ➕ pepper powder), sprinkle a layer of white sesame seeds, and sprinkle a layer of chopped green onions.

Steamed Flatbread recipe

3. Roll up from one side.

Steamed Flatbread recipe

4. Roll from the beginning.

Steamed Flatbread recipe

5. Roll into a round cake shape.

Steamed Flatbread recipe

6. Roll it out a bit (mainly determine the size of the pie according to the size of your own pot).

Steamed Flatbread recipe

7. The cake is fermented in a warm place for another 20 minutes. After the water is boiled, put it in the pot.. After filling, the pot will boil and heat it for half an hour. After the fire ceases, wait for five minutes before cooking (the specific time depends on the thickness of the cake you roll out).

Steamed Flatbread recipe

8. Cut into chunks and eat.

Steamed Flatbread recipe

9. The steamed cakes are very thick and soft, making them very delicious.

Steamed Flatbread recipe


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