Steamed Meat Dragon

Steamed Meat Dragon

by LU guy

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Knowing that Roulong is really a very accidental opportunity, and I have never eaten this dish at all. I can only guess its taste from the descriptions of people around me. It is said that Roulong is a very classic Beijing noodle dish, and there are many Beijingers. My childhood memories are basically not sold out now, and I can only try my luck in certain cafeterias occasionally.


Steamed Meat Dragon

1. Pour the spontaneous flour into a large bowl, pour in water in several times, mix the dough into a smooth dough, cover it with a layer of plastic wrap or damp gauze, and leave it in a warm and windless place indoors to ferment for about 40 minutes

Steamed Meat Dragon recipe

2. While the dough is fermenting, pour the pork filling into a bowl, add cooking wine, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, sweet noodle sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and stir in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction until the meat is no longer loose. , But into a sticky shape, pour the chopped green onion and ginger into the meat filling, add salt, stir well and set aside to marinate

Steamed Meat Dragon recipe

3. Sprinkle some dry flour on the chopping board and spread it out, divide the flour into two portions

Steamed Meat Dragon recipe

4. After kneading a portion of the dough a few times, roll it out into 5 mm thick, 30 cm long, 20 cm wide dough pieces

Steamed Meat Dragon recipe

5. Place the minced meat, leaving about 2 cm of space on the front, back, left, and right

Steamed Meat Dragon recipe

6. Pick up one end of the dough sheet, fold the dough sheet three times, and finally seal it, and pinch the edges on both sides to seal the other piece of dough. Repeat this step to continue.

Steamed Meat Dragon recipe

7. Pour clean water into the steamer, the amount of water is 1/4 the height of the pot, spread a damp cloth or brush with a little oil, put in the meat dragon, heat on high heat, and steam for 8 minutes after being aired.

Steamed Meat Dragon recipe

8. Dry the steamed meat dragon, cut into small pieces after it is not hot, and drink it with soup or porridge. Hey hehe

Steamed Meat Dragon recipe


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