Steamed Tofu Rolls

Steamed Tofu Rolls

by Shui Qingqing

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To live and eat until you are old, of course you must also learn to grow old. What to learn? What you learn is to eat, while eating and learning while cooking. Food is a kind of culture, a kind of knowledge. Try to try and make innovations. It’s been almost five years since I came to Food World, and I just learned Wubi typing and the Internet at that time. When I first came, I just wandered around to see the food temptations of the food masters, and learn to learn. I didn't expect that I could upload dishes here too. After a boring day, uploading the first dish was quite interesting. Just like this, I upload my home-cooked food day by day, shoot, and pass. I don’t know how many home-cooked dishes have been uploaded. I am really obsessed with food, really. My hobby is to like food, home cooking and mix and match dishes. Although the effect of the finished picture is almost shot, the taste is still ok. "


Steamed Tofu Rolls

1. Tofu slices, mashed meat, chives

Steamed Tofu Rolls recipe

2. Add chives, salt, light soy sauce, cornstarch and mix well

Steamed Tofu Rolls recipe

3. Tofu slices tiled

Steamed Tofu Rolls recipe

4. Put meat puree

Steamed Tofu Rolls recipe

5. Roll into roll

Steamed Tofu Rolls recipe

6. Full volume

Steamed Tofu Rolls recipe

7. Tie tightly with leeks

Steamed Tofu Rolls recipe

8. Put it in the steamer

Steamed Tofu Rolls recipe

9. Steamed for 15 minutes left or steamed

Steamed Tofu Rolls recipe

10. Top with light soy sauce and serve with oyster sauce

Steamed Tofu Rolls recipe

11. Good Fragrant Tofu Roll

Steamed Tofu Rolls recipe


You can tie it with seaweed


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