Sticky Corn Stew

Sticky Corn Stew

by Xia You Qiao Mu Ya Wang Paradise 2000

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The fresh corn braised rice is very delicious!


Sticky Corn Stew

1. Clean the rice

Sticky Corn Stew recipe

2. Add double the amount of water

Sticky Corn Stew recipe

3. Put it in the rice cooker

Sticky Corn Stew recipe

4. A bowl of sticky corn

Sticky Corn Stew recipe

5. Put the sticky corn in the pot,

Sticky Corn Stew recipe

6. Close the lid, plug in the power, and press the cooking piece

Sticky Corn Stew recipe

7. Braised corn rice

Sticky Corn Stew recipe


The water and rice for the stew are 1:1, and the fresh corn sticks into grains and the rice is stewed together.


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