Stir-fried Celery

Stir-fried Celery

by Milk tea ink ink

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Celery is sweet and cool in nature, is a high-fiber food, has the effects of improving eyesight and reducing blood pressure. Eating celery can also stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, clean the intestines, and help lose weight. Celery is paired with fragrant dried, home-style stir-fry tastes refreshing and relieving greasy, with some red pepper shreds, it is eye-catching and nutritious.


Stir-fried Celery

1. Wash celery and cut into pieces

Stir-fried Celery recipe

2. Cut dried tofu and red pepper into thin strips

Stir-fried Celery recipe

3. Blanch the celery for 1 minute, remove and control the water

Stir-fried Celery recipe

4. After the oil in the wok is hot, change the heat to medium and low heat and put the tofu in the dry tofu and stir fry.

Stir-fried Celery recipe

5. Add celery and red pepper and stir fry evenly

Stir-fried Celery recipe

6. Stir-fry the dried tofu until it becomes soft, the red pepper and celery are cut off, add salt and light soy sauce to taste

Stir-fried Celery recipe


1. Frying celery after blanching water will not only taste good, but will also be easy to fry in a wok, and there will be less nutrient loss;
2. When blanching, add a few drops of edible oil to blanch the vegetables to maintain the emerald green color. After blanching, rinse with cold water, the taste of celery will be more crisp and refreshing;
3. Add seasonings like dark soy sauce, chicken essence, etc. according to taste.


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