Stuffed Bitter Gourd Cup

Stuffed Bitter Gourd Cup

by laixuan

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Stuffed Bitter Gourd Cup

1. Wash and drain the bitter gourd, cut into 3 cm bitter gourd sections, remove the flesh and set aside.

Stuffed Bitter Gourd Cup recipe

2. Put the seasoning on the pork filling, a little egg white, a little starch and mix well

Stuffed Bitter Gourd Cup recipe

3. Fill the bitter gourd cup with meat filling one by one, and place the bottom in the pan with starch. Put a few washed and drained goji berries on the top, add a little decoration to the steamer, about 20 minutes, after the pan, put the water in the dish into the wok on a low fire, add some starch to thicken the thick gorgon and pour it on the bitter gourd cup and serve

Stuffed Bitter Gourd Cup recipe


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