Italian Meatball Risotto

Italian Meatball Risotto

by Tears of enthusiasm and happiness

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This is really delicious! After the rice is fried, add white wine to cook the aroma, then put it into the broth, let the broth in the broth slowly penetrate into the rice, and then add other ingredients, thus creating a delicious risotto . In some Italian recipes, I did not find the recipe for meatball risotto, but I modified it by myself according to the traditional risotto method, and it became the delicious food of today. As far as the approach is concerned, I think it is more traditional and authentic, but it is closer to the family. If there are masters who understand Italy and welcome to give me advice, then I will be grateful!


Italian Meatball Risotto

1. Mince the onion and set aside

2. Mix pork and beef, add appropriate amount of minced onion, add an egg, appropriate amount of instant oatmeal, salt, soy sauce, black pepper powder, cooking wine

3. Use chopsticks to beat 2 in one direction until the meat is evenly mixed and sticky

Italian Meatball Risotto recipe

4. Heat up the pot and pour some olive oil

5. Add minced onions and stir fry until soft and transparent

6. Put in the raw unwashed rice and stir fry evenly

Italian Meatball Risotto recipe

7. Add the white wine and cook for the aroma

8. Add canned tomatoes and stir well

Italian Meatball Risotto recipe

9. Add appropriate amount of broth

10. After the water is boiled, make the whipped meatballs into equal-sized meatballs and put them in the pot

Italian Meatball Risotto recipe

11. Add the right amount of risotto seasoning, crushed black pepper and salt to taste

12. Cook on medium heat until the soup is thick, turn off the heat, and sprinkle some parsley on the surface after serving

Italian Meatball Risotto recipe
Italian Meatball Risotto recipe
Italian Meatball Risotto recipe
Italian Meatball Risotto recipe


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