Summer Fruit Chicken Soup

Summer Fruit Chicken Soup

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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The child is in the review stage at the end of the semester. In order to make him eat and drink well, I am also bothering now. In order to let the child drink the delicious and nutritious fast hand soup, I saw this activity at the Gourmet Jiebawang Supermarket and I was about to participate. , I used these soups to make noodle soup. The camera is so refreshing today with two summer fruits and vegetables. If you like it, you can try it.


Summer Fruit Chicken Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients used.

Summer Fruit Chicken Soup recipe

2. Peel the tomato and cucumber, and cut into pieces.

Summer Fruit Chicken Soup recipe

3. Add water to the pot, do not boil too much water, put the tomatoes and cucumbers into the pot.

Summer Fruit Chicken Soup recipe

4. The other one also thaws the original chicken soup.

Summer Fruit Chicken Soup recipe

5. After the tomato and cucumber are cooked to taste, put the thawed chicken soup in the pot.

Summer Fruit Chicken Soup recipe

6. Just boil the soup base again.

Summer Fruit Chicken Soup recipe

7. Soup Minor, for the time of a song, enjoy the soup cooked by the chef, which is very good for making quick soup. It can be served with black pepper.

Summer Fruit Chicken Soup recipe


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