Summer Miso Soup

Summer Miso Soup

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Every time I go to a Japanese food store or go to Japan, Xiao Zhao likes to drink a bowl of miso soup after a meal. Not only does he like the taste of the soup, but he also has a heart-warming healing feeling.


Summer Miso Soup

1. Prepare the raw materials, tomato and eggplant pieces, tofu cut into pieces, kelp soaked in water for 10 minutes, shiitake mushrooms are thinly sliced, green vegetables are washed, cut or selected into easy-to-eat pieces.

Summer Miso Soup recipe

2. Heat a pan with a little oil, add the sliced tomato cubes and stir fry over medium heat until melted.

Summer Miso Soup recipe

3. Then add sliced shiitake mushrooms and stir-fry, pour in two bowls of water and bring to a boil. After the water is boiled, add kelp and lactone tofu in turn and bring to a boil. Then pour in the diluted miso (please see the next step for the dilution method), add the washed vegetables and stir, turn off the heat.

Summer Miso Soup recipe

4. Scoop half a bowl of hot soup from the pot to a small bowl of miso paste, stir for a while, and melt.

Summer Miso Soup recipe

5. Here is a tomato miso soup rice dumpling set! Steam a pot of rice, stir in sushi vinegar while it's hot, shape into small rice balls and wrap them in Shanghai moss!

Summer Miso Soup recipe


1. White miso is recommended for miso. Because it is drunk in spring and summer, white miso with a light flavor is more suitable.
2. Homemade sushi vinegar. Heat the rice vinegar: salt: sugar 5:1:2 on a small fire until the sugar is completely melted and let cool.


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