Seaweed Soup

Seaweed Soup

by Ju Na JUJU

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Kelp is a vegetable with high nutritional value. It is suitable for cooking methods such as mixing, braising, stewing and braising. I often use it to make soup at home. It is delicious and delicious.


Seaweed Soup

1. Soak the barley in water for more than 5 hours in advance; put 1 tablespoon of cooking wine in a pot under cold water for ribs, and remove after boiling the blood

Seaweed Soup recipe

2. Sliced ginger; kelp is kinked after being refreshed and cleaned repeatedly

Seaweed Soup recipe

3. Put the ribs, barley, and kelp in a casserole, pour in enough water, boil over high heat and simmer for 60 minutes; add salt and it's ready

Seaweed Soup recipe


The kelp you bought is very dirty, so you have to scrub it repeatedly~~ If it is dried kelp, soak it in hot water first, and then scrub it.


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