Healthy Hu Spicy Soup

Healthy Hu Spicy Soup

by Elegant life

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A good soup is like a beauty with elegant temperament. It is definitely not such a simple beauty. Her charm comes from the mountains, from the sea, from the lake, from the wilderness, and also from the breeze that happens to pass over your heart-- ----It is so cleverly integrated. But today's beauty looks like Xiaojiabiyu, but she is wild and straightforward in her bones, which makes her want to be herself, a hot and spicy quack woman. Hee hee, this is the end of the art, let’s start with firewood, rice, oil and salt!


Healthy Hu Spicy Soup

1. The coix seed is cooked in advance, and just cook it in a pressure cooker. I'm a trouble-free one. When I go out, wash the coix seed and soak it in the braising beaker, and just put it in the pot directly when I come back.

Healthy Hu Spicy Soup recipe

2. First put ginger slices, three slices, you can shred or mince ginger if you like to eat ginger. My baby doesn't like it, so slice it and you can fish it out later. Cut the kelp into small pieces, as shown in the picture, and cook with the coix seed. At this time, put in a little vinegar, light soy sauce and vegetarian soup. Sudang soup is sold online. My home uses water for boiling soybean sprouts. Qinma brand green soybean sprouts, hehe.

Healthy Hu Spicy Soup recipe

3. When boiling for about 10 minutes, add the peeled longan, the sliced white jade mushroom and the tofu. Cut this shreds as thin as possible. My knife skills are at this level. Everyone should cut as much as possible. There are also mushrooms. It's best to use Mushrooms. Cut thin slices of Mushrooms. The taste is more delicious. I haven't bought them in the past few days. Let's just use white jade mushrooms.

Healthy Hu Spicy Soup recipe

4. Put a few grains of wolfberry and pepper in the cooking for about 10 minutes. You can also put it earlier, the whole is slightly spicy.

Healthy Hu Spicy Soup recipe

5. After five minutes thicken, add vinegar and light soy sauce for the final seasoning, and serve.

Healthy Hu Spicy Soup recipe

6. Put coriander and a little oil in the bowl. If you like sesame oil, you can also put some, I just put corn oil.

Healthy Hu Spicy Soup recipe


When the cold current comes, come to such a bowl of warm soup, so that the whole body and mind will be warmed up. Seeing the soup bubbling with happiness in the pot, my heart seems to be bubbling with bubbling, Meimei Da~ hehe. The ingredients can also be added or subtracted. Just like longan, I didn’t have this soup when I drank it outside. I added this one by myself. One is because it is suitable for winter, and the other is that it can replace sugar and it will be sweet. The taste is integrated into the soup. If you like it spicy, you can add dried chili and cook it.


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