Summer Seasonal Vegetables

Summer Seasonal Vegetables

by Ning Que Wulan (from Tencent.)

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I searched the refrigerator at night, and there was not much stuff left, so I just mixed mixed vegetables, sweet and sour, especially appetizing, with peanut butter added, the flavor was more layered.


Summer Seasonal Vegetables

1. Prepare the required ingredients and prepare according to the number of people. What I prepare is for one person, as the staple food.

Summer Seasonal Vegetables recipe

2. Shred the cabbage and black fungus, and dice the tomatoes.

Summer Seasonal Vegetables recipe

3. Put all the prepared ingredients into the container, and then pour the salt, sugar, peanut butter, white vinegar, and sesame oil on the ingredients together, and then just cool it.

Summer Seasonal Vegetables recipe

4. Next, please enjoy the delicious!

Summer Seasonal Vegetables recipe


1. Adding white vinegar in summer is more appetizing.
2. Mixing dishes with white vinegar is more beautiful than mixing dishes with old vinegar.
3. White vinegar and white sugar are a perfect match in summer.


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