Supor|seaweed Tube Bone Soup

Supor|seaweed Tube Bone Soup

by Zero Zero Baking

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Seaweed tube bone soup is one of the soups I often stew at home. This time I received Supor’s electric cooker and immediately used it to stew it.
Boiled on a high fire, simmered in a small fire, and simmered for almost 3 hours. The stew was really good, the soup was very thick, and the meat on the bones was rotten but not broken. It was satisfying to drink a bowl.
Lele also loves this very much. He used to only eat kelp, but the bones were well stewed and the meat on it was very tender, so he fell in love with this too.


Supor|seaweed Tube Bone Soup

1. After the tube bones are washed, put the cold water that has not been in the pot into the pot, boil on high heat, and burn out all the foam

Supor|seaweed Tube Bone Soup recipe

2. Then wash with cold water, wash the floating foam on it, remove it after washing, and set aside. Dried kelp needs to be soaked in advance. After soaking, wash and cut into pieces for later use.

Supor|seaweed Tube Bone Soup recipe

3. Put the bones and kelp in the electric saucepan, put the water that has not been kelp, add more if you like more soup, but don't fill the lid, add ginger, red dates and green onions

Supor|seaweed Tube Bone Soup recipe

4. Select the bone soup program, and it will start to stew automatically. The whole process will be automatic. After stewing, you can sprinkle some chopped green onion and enjoy it.

Supor|seaweed Tube Bone Soup recipe


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