Scheming Big Bone Soup

Scheming Big Bone Soup

by Lomi Dumpling

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Cooking is a very emotional thing. This pot of bone soup melts into the heart of the diners. Hey, three hours of waiting, are you ready?


Scheming Big Bone Soup

1. Slice ginger, wash with chives and set aside

Scheming Big Bone Soup recipe

2. [Small steps of scheming] Wash the bones with blood water, put them in the oven and bake for 20 minutes. Freshly roasted and stewed will make the bone soup more fragrant~

Scheming Big Bone Soup recipe

3. At this time, the surface of the bone has changed color and can be taken out for use.

Scheming Big Bone Soup recipe

4. Pour the processed ginger slices, chives, and bobbin bones into the pot, and add water to cover the bones. Bring to a boil and simmer slowly. I simmered for 2 hours on the first night, and simmered for 1 hour before eating the next day. It was crispy~ Remember to add a little salt before starting the pot~

Scheming Big Bone Soup recipe


1. When buying bones, my aunt enthusiastically helped me cut it in half, but also sacrificed my bone marrow.
2. Be careful to remove the oil: cook the soup in two days to put the soup in the refrigerator at night on the first day, and the oil on the surface of the soup will condense. Just pick it out the next day. Don’t skip it for babies who are afraid of fat and greedy. This step!
3. The bone soup is super rich in collagen, and it feels beautiful the next day after drinking~
4. If you want more fragrant and more collagen, you can add trotters and chicken feet to stew together~
5. I can't finish eating a big pot, add mushrooms on the second day, add yam on the third day, and just under the soup on the fourth day, perfect~


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