Lotus Root Tube Bone Wild Rice Soup

Lotus Root Tube Bone Wild Rice Soup

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There is no soup at the banquet. Whether it is to invite friends to have a dinner or a family gathering, in addition to large and small stir-fry, cold dishes, cooking, and lo-mei, there is always a bowl of soup. It is with the existence of soup that this is the real family portrait. (Welcome to share more interesting kitchen stories, please add WeChat: EJM2467)
Hubei is known as the hometown of lotus roots. Among the many kinds of soups, the lotus root ribs soup is the most distinctive and the most memorable. It is considered the first choice for locals to entertain friends, so you can drink lotus root soup wherever you go across the country. You can smell the fragrance of lotus root from far away, and you can see people around the table looking for the figure of lotus root in the pot with green smoke from afar.
As the saying goes, delicacy is in the world. The real delicacy is better to find in the deep alleys of the street. The ribs soup stewed in an old-fashioned cookware over a small fire is a must. Just as we Chongqing people eat hot pot and prefer small corner shops that are not easily found by others.
The superb lotus root ribs soup is deep red in color, rich in flavor, mellow, and has a long aftertaste, not greasy at all. I had a bowl of lotus root soup, my forehead was sweating slightly, my pores opened, and a warm current flowed all over my body. The original soup is simple and natural, reminiscent of the slim lotus, unfamiliar with the world. Want to make a pot of good soup, fresh raw materials and utensils should not be underestimated, the lotus root should be fresh, if you can buy wild lotus root, it is simply a godsend. Nowadays, in order to save trouble, electric stew pots are used to make soup. In fact, the best is the original casserole, which is made with coarse mud. My hometown used to use this kind of pot to make soup, but now I don’t have it. In addition to raw materials and utensils, methods are also important. Next, I will share with you how to make a delicious pot of lotus root rib soup. Because there are some wild rice at home, the wild rice here has nothing to do with rice. It is a kind of grass seed, rich in protein and trace elements. Friends who are willing to try it can also try it.


Lotus Root Tube Bone Wild Rice Soup

1. 1. Prepare the ingredients in advance

Lotus Root Tube Bone Wild Rice Soup recipe

2. 2. Clean the bobbin bones and chop them into three sections, blanch them in boiling water for 3 minutes and remove them.

Lotus Root Tube Bone Wild Rice Soup recipe

3. 3. Pour enough water into the casserole at one time, smash the old ginger, add a small amount of star anise and bay leaves

Lotus Root Tube Bone Wild Rice Soup recipe

4. 4. Peel the lotus root and cut it into hob pieces, and soak the wild rice for 30 minutes in advance. Put the lotus root and wild rice in the copper drum soup after boiling for one hour. After the high fire is boiled, it is changed to a low fire stew. A pot of soup is often simmered for 3-4 hours.

Lotus Root Tube Bone Wild Rice Soup recipe

5. After the soup is cooked, sprinkle a little coriander and pepper on top of the pot and serve

Lotus Root Tube Bone Wild Rice Soup recipe


1. The soup needs to add enough water at one time. Remember to add water in the middle to affect the taste of the soup
2. The bobbin bones need to be blanched to remove blood stains


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