Sweet and Sour Radish

Sweet and Sour Radish

by Mom Nini

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This season's cherry radish is the freshest and tender. It is especially refreshing when it is made into sweet and sour radish.


Sweet and Sour Radish

1. Prepare ingredients, go to cherry radish and wash

Sweet and Sour Radish recipe

2. First cut off a thin layer of the bottom of the radish, first slice it horizontally, then rotate 90 degrees and slice it vertically (be careful not to cut, the knife method is similar to that of cucumber)

Sweet and Sour Radish recipe

3. If you are afraid of bad cutting, you can put a pair of finer chopsticks on the bottom of the radish and cut it again.

Sweet and Sour Radish recipe

4. Then soak in light salt water to fully soak the flowers until the flowers unfold, and put them in the refrigerator

Sweet and Sour Radish recipe

5. Put sugar, honey and fruit vinegar in a bowl and stir well

Sweet and Sour Radish recipe

6. Pour into the pot and boil until slightly viscous

Sweet and Sour Radish recipe

7. Take out the dried radish and place it on a plate, decorate with celery leaves, and pour sweet and sour sauce on it. The beautiful and refreshing chrysanthemum radish is ready.

Sweet and Sour Radish recipe


1. When cutting, the action should be light, don't cut, you can also put two chopsticks under it, it is easy to grasp.


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