Carrot Soup

Carrot Soup

by Siqin Ruo Shui 87

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In the cold winter, apart from making hot pot, all that is left is to drink a bowl of steaming soup. The Yintao radishes bought at the vegetable farm are all grown by some old people themselves, and the soup that comes out is full of sweetness. Carrots are lukewarm in nature and can enter the heart, lungs and stomach due to their red skin. It can clear away heat, detoxify, remove dampness, disperse blood stasis, nourish the heart and clear blood, invigorate the stomach and eliminate food, resolve phlegm and relieve cough, smooth qi, ease stool, promote body fluid and stop blood. The functions of thirst, nourishment, and protection of the five internal organs.


Carrot Soup

1. First slice the yintao radish and set aside

Carrot Soup recipe

2. Slice lean meat

Carrot Soup recipe

3. Put the lean meat and ginger in the pan and fry until the color changes, then put the radish in the pan and stir-fry evenly with the lean meat

Carrot Soup recipe

4. Season with salt

Carrot Soup recipe

5. Stir the salt evenly and add two scoops of cold water

Carrot Soup recipe

6. After the water is boiled, skim the froth in the pot and sprinkle a little MSG on it.

Carrot Soup recipe


The radish should use fresh radish, the soup will have a slight sweet taste


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