Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling

Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling

by Q pig baby

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The Lunar New Year is just one week away. At the end of the year, there are various busy schedules, so everyone is working hard. It is time to sit down and take a good rest. Today is the last weekend before the new year. I made a cup of Da Hong Pao for everyone and prepared a cranberry sweet pie. Let’s have a cup of tea and a pie! I don’t know if you also like this kind of unrestrained feeling, flipping through a book of travel, walking around the world between the lines following the author’s description, "walking" tired, stopped, sipped tea, and tasted a snack , And then continue to read downstream. "If you don't travel far, you'll be old", I appreciate the author's action of leaving and leaving, don't let people leave regrets. The sun and the moon exchange, year after year...Looking back on the days of this year, how are you doing? ! Cranberry sandwich sweet pie, sweet and sour, sour and sweet, like our life, not singular and boring.

Mould: 6 consecutive cups of champagne gold non-stick muffin cake bread Baking mould Baking: middle level of the oven, upper and lower fire 175 degrees, 25 minutes


Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling

1. First make the filling, put the dried cranberries and water in a milk pot, boil on high heat until boiling, then simmer on low heat and cover the pot for about 30 minutes.

Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling recipe

2. Cook until the dried cranberries become soft and rotten, then add in caster sugar and mix well.

Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling recipe

3. Fill the cranberry filling and let it cool for later use. Then make the pie crust.

Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling recipe

4. After the butter and cream cheese are softened, add in caster sugar and beat until fluffy.

Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling recipe

5. Add the whole egg liquid in two batches, each time after whipping and fusion, add the next time.

Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling recipe

6. Sift in low-gluten flour, baking powder, baking soda, and mix into a dough without dry powder.

Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling recipe

7. Put the dough into a large, thick, fresh-keeping bag, and then roll it into a 0.3 cm thick sheet.

Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling recipe

8. A round biscuit mold with a diameter of 3 cm larger than the upper mouth of the six-cup mold is used to print 6 large round dough pieces. (If there is no mold, you can take a small piece of dough and knead it into a round slice)

Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling recipe

9. Put the big round noodles into the six-in-cup molds, and press the sides and the bottom with your hands, so that no air is left.

Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling recipe

10. Divide the cranberry filling evenly among the 6 pie trays and smooth the filling.

Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling recipe

11. Knead the remaining dough pieces and roll them out again, then use a round biscuit mold with the same diameter as the top of the mold to print out small round pieces, and cover them on the filling to form a sealed box. Then use a fork to mark the top with a checkered pattern and brush with egg wash. (I used a heart-shaped pie mold to consume the remaining dough to make a pie without fillings.)

Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling recipe

12. Put it into the middle layer of the preheated Baicui PE5386 oven, heat up and down at 175 degrees, bake for about 25 minutes until the surface is golden, and take it out.

Sweet Pie with Cranberry Filling recipe


1. When making the cranberry filling, stir it in the later stage to prevent the bottom from being burnt. If the water is dry and the filling is not soft yet, add some water and continue cooking on a low fire.
2. In winter, softened butter can be treated like this. First melt the butter in water, then let it re-solidify at room temperature. It can be whipped at the beginning of solidification.
3. I have many small molds, so I use molds to print wafers. If there is no such biscuit mold, you can also squeeze out thin wafers by hand and put them into the mold. For the top cover, remember to trim the edges of the excess dough.
4. Please finish the finished pie within 5 days, not for too long.


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