Sweet Potato Pizza

Sweet Potato Pizza

by Scattered 2011

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This is a simple pizza, just a little bit of time, you can get a big plate of delicious ~~~~~~~
It is very suitable for busy office workers, and also very suitable for housewives who take care of their babies at home~~~~
It can be a staple food, it can be afternoon tea~~ it can also be a parent-child interactive food show~~~
It takes a short time and has a 100% success rate. Why not do it? "


Sweet Potato Pizza

1. Wash the sweet potatoes, cut them in half, put the sweet potatoes in a pot, and steam until soft and rotten;

Sweet Potato Pizza recipe

2. Cut the cheese into small pieces or shred; I only used half of the cheese in the picture; if you don’t worry about gaining weight, you can put more;

Sweet Potato Pizza recipe

3. The steamed sweet potatoes are mashed into a puree while they are hot, then add appropriate amount of yogurt, butter, and sugar, and mix well;

Sweet Potato Pizza recipe

4. Add the soaked raisins and continue to mix well;

Sweet Potato Pizza recipe

5. Spread the mixed sweet potato mash on the pizza plate;

Sweet Potato Pizza recipe

6. Smear an appropriate amount of tomato sauce;

Sweet Potato Pizza recipe

7. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese;

Sweet Potato Pizza recipe

8. Sprinkle with sweet pepper pieces, green pepper pieces, and then spread a layer of mozzarella cheese;

Sweet Potato Pizza recipe

9. Turn on the oven and select the "Pizza" program;

Sweet Potato Pizza recipe

10. After the oven sounds "ding", put the pizza pan in the middle of the oven and close the oven door;

Sweet Potato Pizza recipe

11. After 20 minutes, the sweet potato pizza is ready.

Sweet Potato Pizza recipe


1. If the sweet potato itself is relatively sweet, there is no need to put fine sugar;
2. Yogurt can be replaced with milk, condensed milk, or light cream;


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